WOW! and some (other) random thoughts

Wow, I never though I’d get this kind of response when I put up this site. Mumbai Confidential is a creator owned project, so every bit of support helps. Currently we (Sid and I) are thinking about pitching it for publication both in India and the US. But we want definitely to keep our ownership of the project. So most probably we’ll try out Image Comics and other publishers open to that.

Also the India publication is a must. This books audience resides in India and as far as I’m concerned it shall be available in India from day one.

The plan for now is to create two versions of the book (same art) — an Indian Edition where the dialogue is a mix of Hindi and English (I tried that out in Mumbai Macguffin ( Virgin Comics 2008) and it came out well, I think) and an International Edition with English only dialogue.

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