Worklog update and new cover samples

So vivek has fired in some more pages and we are working on a cover concept. I’m going to post two of the cover tries. these are mockups we made to play around with various layouts/compositions and these contain some placeholder content.

Click on the images for higher resolution versions.

as usual do feel free to let us know what you like or don’t like about the two layouts.

4 Replies to “Worklog update and new cover samples”

  1. The lower one is too dull. The one above is better, but I think u need to add some more color & reduce the yellowish tone a bit, at least for the Indian edition.

  2. definitely… Vivek is going to make the finished piece a full painted one. Kind of like the old hand painted movie posters. I so lament its passing with the advent of screen painting.

    I fondly remember my childhood memories of the hand painted posters going up on the nearby movie hall every Wednesday night. (Orissa had Thursday releases)

  3. The topmost one looks interesting,kind of old fashioned mvi posters that you are talking about…somehow the way the front-man holds the gun is not correct,it looks like he is giving the gun to somebody.

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