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So after getting quite a few quotes north of $500, I decided to just bite the bullet and create a WordPress theme for Mumbai Confidential website myself. It was not much of a pain. The current theme you see is created from scratch and was coded using the excellent Komodo Edit in a box running Ubuntu Karmic Koala. I made the site layout I wished in GIMP and then chopped it up into an HTML page.

I found a really nice resource for coding WP Themes by hand at So after a night’s slog, I had a working theme. It’s my first wordpress theme and would love if you dropped me a note if you encounter a glitch in the matrix while browsing the pages.

All in all it was fun unleashing the geekery once again :), now back to xmas holidays and waiting for the christmas blizzard of ’09 to hit Shrewsbury. We’ll be back in Jan with new art, a full preview of chapter 1 and many more goodies.

See you on the other side.

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