Updates and some new art

So we’re not dead ;-). I made the move from east coast of USA to the west coast and was down and out for a good part of last quarter => hence, the paucity of updates on this site. We’re back to a schedule and will post Vivek Shinde’s delicious art as soon as I get my hand on it.

In other news, Saumin Patel (my frequent collaborator from the Virgin Comics days on DEVI and co-creator of MUMBAI MACGUFFIN) honored a long standing request and sent in some pieces about his interpretation of MC. Saumin has a style that is truly unique and I feel his renditions of a hard boiled genre piece like MC, makes me wanna bug him some more for a full fledged digital short. 😉


About Mumbai Confidential Digital Shorts

MUMBAI CONFIDENTIAL Digital Shorts are a series of companion comics to the first book “GOOD COP, BAD COP” by various artists using the characters created by Saurav Mohapatra and Vivek Shinde. These shorts are set in the same “universe” as the main story. Though these are not required to follow the main book, they do enhance the backstory of GOOD COP, BAD COP.

About Mumbai Confidential

Mumbai Confidential is a crime noir comic book series created by Saurav Mohapatra and Vivek Shinde [more…]

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