“Sketch and the City” – Mumbai Times hails the grim and gritty Mumbai of MC

Mumbai Times, the sunday city edition of Times of India has an article titled “Sketch and the City” detailing the increasing trend of using realistic portrayals of cities as a major theme in recent Indian Comics books. They use Mumbai Confidential as the lead and spend bulk of the article exploring the gritty portrayal of the Indian metropolis in the preview pages.

Also, namechecked is Mumbai Macguffin, the action-adventure comedy by me and Saumin Patel now serialized by Graphic India

The article goes on to explore other recent Indian comic books that are set in real cities and use the themes and settings of modern day India to the fullest.

The line that brought a chuckle when I read it first was : “Unlike an earlier generation that had to make do with mythological storylines set in fictional locations…”

Money quote from the article:

This ‘encounter’ sequence isn’t a strand of Anurag Kashyap‘s dark imagination. It belongs to the soon-to-be-released Indian graphic novel Mumbai Confidential. In the book, no stone has been left unturned to capture the Mumbai underworld in all its gritty authenticity- writer Saurav Mohapatra’s characters speak the real stuff.

Scan courtsey: Preeti George

About Mumbai Confidential

Mumbai Confidential is a crime noir comic book series created by Saurav Mohapatra and Vivek Shinde [more…]

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