Some more preview art and other updates

Before we start off… the mandatory spiel :)

Mumbai Confidential “digital first” edition is now available from ComiXology for purchase on iPhone/iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and the web. Print hardcover from Archaia will hit the bookshelves in MARCH 2013.

The launch at SDCC was awesome. Thanks to our wonderful publishers Archaia, I had a great time. We’re down to the home stretch now and Vivek is winding up the last 40 odd pages art on the book. Here are some awesome sneak peaks at his art from upcoming issues.

Vivek’s art really breathes life into the world of Mumbai Confidential.

aha, before I forget…

here’s Samit Basu on Mumbai Confidential :

Watch out for this book. If you turn your back on it, it might stab you.

Thanks, Samit. We love you too. :)

About Mumbai Confidential

Mumbai Confidential is a crime noir comic book series (about the infamous encounter cops of Mumbai) created by Saurav Mohapatra and Vivek Shinde [more...]