Mumbai Confidential interview with Mid-day

Vivek and I were interviewed by Fiona Fernandez from the Mumbai based newspaper Mid-day. The interview is now out as part of the Sept 29, 2012 edition of Mid-day.

Click the image for a hires version.

Mid-day E-Paper Link : (Image-version) (Text-version)

Also, just a reminder that issue #4 of Mumbai Confidential will be online at ComiXology first week of October. You can buy issue #1-#3 from ComiXology for your iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire and Web reading pleasure at

The print hardcover edition will release in March 2013 from ARCHAIA.

About Mumbai Confidential

Mumbai Confidential is a crime noir comic book series (about the infamous encounter cops of Mumbai) created by Saurav Mohapatra and Vivek Shinde [more…]

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