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Digital First edition of the whole OGN available on ComiXology for iPhone/iPad, Android and Web

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4 Replies to “Store”

  1. hi,
    where can i find the book in Pune.
    I’ve already checked out Landmark, Crossword n other major stores.

    thanks. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I love the story and the plot and was thinking to buy the book….
    because 160 for each book is little expensive I was wondering if i can get all five issues together??…how much will it cost me now….is it still $2.99/book?? (^_^)

  3. Siddharth,

    Thanks for your interest/support of MC 🙂

    ComiXology does have sales from time to time. Obviously, they don’t pre-promote them 😛 but if you follow the page, we try to let our fans know about the sales as soon as we get to know. 🙂

    The hardcover edition is due out in March 2013 which will collect all 9 issues and some extra stuff.

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