Mumbai Confidential website is online

Mumbai Confidential Logo (Small)Mumbai Confidential now has a home on the web. Finally I found some time to squeeze in a wordpress install and tweak a simple white theme to show the MC banner.

So first order of business, Welcome intrepid surfer. In case you are wondering, Mumbai Confidential is a crime noir comic book series created by writer Saurav Mohapatra (DEVI, SADHU, MUMBAI MACGUFFIN, INDIA AUTHENTIC, JIMMY ZHINGCHAK) and artist Siddharth Kotian (THE STRANDED, EAT THE DEAD, DEVI) set in (of course!) the Indian city of Mumbai.

The first installment of the Mumbai Confidential series is a 64 page one-shot titled GOOD COP, BAD COP and is about the Encounter Specialist cops of Mumbai Police, who were given the nod by the establishment to carry out extra-judicial killings of gangsters.

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