Art Dump – 1

When I developed the concept of Mumbai Confidential three years back (This was before Vivek came on board) the most awesome Sid Kotian did some explorations of the concept. Sid signed off the project due to personal reasons/time constraints. Vivek came on board and redid the art from scratch in his own style. This post contains some of Sid’s earlier designs. Maintained here for archival’s sake. 🙂

Here is an art dump of the thumbnails of the first sequence and character concept for Sawant, the bad guy. Sid has done a good job in translating my jumbled notes into a real visual treat. The opening sequence is a shootout between Sawant and Kadam in Dharavi. It’s night and monsoons are lashing Mumabai 🙂 Our two dudes are at it shooting each other… why you ask? 😛 well check out the book when it comes out.

SawantPage 1 thumbsPage 2 ThumbsPage 2 ThumbsPage 4 ThumbsPage5 ThumbsPage 6 Thumbs

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