Art Dump – 2

When I developed the concept of Mumbai Confidential three years back (This was before Vivek came on board) the most awesome Sid Kotian did some explorations of the concept. Sid signed off the project due to personal reasons/time constraints. Vivek came on board and redid the art from scratch in his own style. This post contains some of Sid’s earlier designs. Maintained here for archival’s sake. 🙂

Here are the inked pages for pages 1 and 2. Sid is not happy with Page 2 (Well looks more than okay to me 🙂 ), but anyways you be the judge.

Page 1 Inks Page 2 Inks

4 Replies to “Art Dump – 2”

  1. I have one word for the artist. It starts with an F and has an exclamation mark after it.

    Great work.

    Who is publishing it?

  2. 1. Dude, turn off required registrations for comments. Leaving a comment is a pain.

    2. Here’s my problem with page-2 — there’s an axis jump between panel 1 and the other panels. If you showed the protoganist’s back approaching the wall that he leans against, the entire page will work. IMHO 😀

  3. Wow, I love the idea of depicting encounter specialists story on a comic, it will surely be a hit no doubt.

    Saurav and Sid you guys are a good combination and I am sure you will do justice on this one (as you did on your earlier projects). Best of luck.

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